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Meet Accolader Pro: Your Key to Boost Employee Engagement

The Accolader team has been diligently working to enhance our pro version with exciting features to boost your employee engagement. Accolader was launched to offer teams from 1 to 1,000 a simple, easy-to-integrate platform to improve employee engagement and overall happiness across your organization. We have released several features to create an awarding experience you do not want to miss out on.

So, what’s new with Accolader Pro?

Custom Award Types

Many companies operate by a set of core values, so we’ve made it possible for HR administrators to create custom award types unique to your organization. Under “Manage Awards,” you can easily create, update, and add new award types. This section lets you easily activate and deactivate award types without losing past awards.

Custom Backgrounds

When sending an award, you can choose from preset backgrounds after adding a meaningful achievement description. Thoughtful awards that recognize a job well done are great, but our team wanted to provide you with a creative way to express gratitude towards your teammates.


Similar to Facebook and LinkedIn, we have now implemented reactions. You are now able to react to your team’s awards, which makes it much more fun to build a culture of recognition.

Custom Branding

With our Pro version, HR administrators like yourself can create a unique experience that reflects your organization’s identity. By switching to your unique branding, you can evoke a sense of belonging and make Accolader your own.

Communications and Integrations

In a world where businesses and administrators use numerous applications across various teams, effective communication is vital. Slack and Microsoft Teams are among the most popular platforms facilitating communication between team members and clients. With Accolader, you can seamlessly integrate both platforms within minutes to ensure your team stays updated on company-wide achievements.

In 2023, we launched our Google Workspace Integration, allowing you to transfer your employee data quickly. Typically HRIS platforms such as Zoho, Gusto, Paychex, or others on the market utilized Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 for identity management, and we leverage this bridge to seamlessly access and sync your employee data.

Advanced Analytics

An engagement platform like Accolader to improve work culture is essential, but understanding the data behind its use is equally important. Accolader can be used to gain insights into how your employees are performing. For more flexibility, you can download data from Accolader and import it into your favorite spreadsheet or analysis tool.

Coming Soon

We know many organizations incorporate Microsoft 365 identity management into their business tools, so we plan on releasing an integration similar to Google Workspace later in 2024. Stay tuned for updates on the Accolader on our social media channels.